Hire Up Harris

Hire Up Harris is a workforce development initiative dedicated to supporting residents of Harris County by connecting them to training opportunities for high-quality jobs that pay a living wage, provide benefits, and have the potential for further economic advancement. Harris County prioritizes programming that couples skills training with soft skills development and wraparound support services to best assist underemployed and unemployed individuals. Further, Harris County aims to build capacity among organizations that provide workforce training via evaluation efforts to instill best practices that will result in transformational outcomes. This ARPA-funded program began in the spring of 2023 and will allow up to 700 Harris County residents to enroll in training.


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Apprenticeship Advantage

Apprenticeship Advantage is a targeted investment that aims to enhance the skills of the local workforce and meet the region’s labor demands to ensure the resilience of Harris County. Funded by ARPA, the program will expand the number of industries offering apprenticeship programs and increase the number of slots that existing apprenticeship can support.

Harris County is working with vendors to create and expand opportunities for the US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) in traditional and high-growth emerging industries within the county such as construction, public transportation, technology and live entertainment industries. The initiative specifically targets increasing access to apprenticeship opportunities for groups traditionally underrepresented in apprenticeship, including but not limited to underemployed, unemployed, dislocated workers, opportunity youth, people of color, women, and those without college degrees. The selected vendors may also provide wraparound support services to increase the likelihood of program completion and employment. The program began early 2023 and will allow up to 966 Harris County residents to enroll in apprenticeship.

Harris County Apprenticeship Program


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