Harris County Contractor Safety Policy


Contractor Safety Record Policy


The Harris County Contractor Safety Record Policy (the “Safety Record Policy”) was adopted by Harris County Commissioners Court to ensure that Harris County engages prime contractors and subcontractors that prioritize the health and safety of their workers. The Safety Record Policy was approved January 10, 2023, requiring a policy recommendation to implement the consideration of Harris County contractor safety records in awarding contracts.

Scope and Applicability

The Policy and these procedures apply to all contracts that:

  1. Are procured by Harris County under Chapter 2269 of the Texas Government Code.
  2. Have a total contract value of at least $500,000 and, for subcontracts, a contract value of at least $50,000.
  3. Are put out for bid after March 1, 2023, and are not an extension or renewal of a contract or exercise of an option on a contract in place prior to that date.

This policy does not apply to contracts that were put out for bid prior to March 1, 2023, or extensions or renewals of contracts or exercises of options on contracts in place prior to that date.

This policy does not limit, or impact in any way, the County’s ability to consider in the manner it deems appropriate any relevant factor specifically listed in any request for bids, proposals, or qualifications.

Quarterly Compliance Audits

DEEO will conduct quarterly (County Fiscal Year) compliance audits. We will identify a random sample of Contractors and Subcontractors with projects subject to this Policy to conduct a file audit for compliance with the Policy. The sample will be comprised of Contractors and Subcontractors working on different types of projects and in different industries.

During the audit, DEEO will review Contractors and Subcontractors safety violation records and OSHA-10/30 certifications to confirm adherence with policy. Each of the Contractor/Subcontractor’s employees that will be doing manual work on the project or other work that directly impacts workplace safety is OSHA 10 certified. Each of the Contractor/Subcontractor’s managers who manage at least one employee that will be doing manual work on the project or other work that directly impacts workplace safety, is OSHA 30 certified. Additionally, confirming with OSHA that Contractor/Subcontractor’s have not been sanctioned based on the policy requirements.

The purpose of this audit is to ensure that contractors and subcontractors working on projects subject to the Policy are in full compliance with the specified requirements outlined in Section V (5) and VIII (8) of the policy.

Filing a Complaint

Complaints of noncompliance with this policy should be submitted in writing through any of the following to the DEEO at:

Online:  File a Complaint for a County Project: Click Here

Mail:      Attn: Assistant Director Worker and Community Protections

   Harris County Department of Economic Equity and Opportunity

   1001 Preston St., Suite 670

   Houston, Texas 77002

Email:   Compliance@eeo.hctx.net

The written complaint must contain the name of the complainant and a brief description of the alleged noncompliance with this policy. The DEEO will notify the Contractor/Subcontractor that a complaint has been submitted and provide the company an opportunity to respond (with supporting documentation). The DEEO will determine whether the Contractor/Subcontractor is in noncompliance and notify the company and the complainant.

Resource Links:

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