Program Planning & Innovation


Program Planning & Innovation

The Program Planning & Innovation Division (PP&I) works to achieve DEEO’s mission to advance economic equity and opportunity in Harris County. The division designs, implements and evaluates innovative programs that aims for long-term equitable growth for the County. It serves as an advisor and subject matter expert to County leaders and vested stakeholders to help build a more inclusive and resilient local economy.

The PP&I Division is comprised of three teams.

  • The Policy & Special Projects team provides policy analysis and guidance to ensure that as policies are developed, community benefits are identified and codified into the policies, and decisions are influenced by rigorously established evidence. Leveraging national best practices, the team also runs pilot programs and special projects focused on developing innovative and scalable practices for the County. It also tests and builds the business case for economic equity and opportunity using the community insights gained by the Research & Analytics team.
  • The Research & Analytics team monitors economic data and performs quantitative analysis and qualitative research that lifts up community voice and accountability to guide the DEEO’s program and policy decisions. The team conducts data collection, focus groups, surveys and interviews with community members, businesses and stakeholders that helps to gain an understanding of the community needs and their views of DEEO’s work. This team also supports assessment of the impact Harris County programs and policies have on its residents and various communities.
  • The Strategic Initiatives team is currently implementing ARPA-funded programs to increase access to quality jobs and promote the growth of small businesses and M/WBE businesses. It collaborates closely with the other two teams to ensure synergy.

To learn more about the programs and projects run by PP&I Division, please click here to go to the Program Summary page.